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There are few things in life more frustrating than a flat car battery. If you suspect your battery is running flat – or even worse, your battery is flat and you can’t get your car started – give the team at Gatton Tyre Service a call and we’ll have you motoring again in no time.

Our Services

At Gatton Tyre Service we offer a range of services designed to ensure that you’ll never have to get the jump leads out again. These include:

    Car Battery Sales

    Car Battery Testing

    Car Battery Fitting

    Mobile Replacement

    Quality Car Batteries

    At Gatton Tyre Service we stock only quality car batteries from trusted manufacturers, chosen specifically for their performance, longevity and reliability. One such manufacturer is Neuton Power Batteries. Neuton Power provides top-quality car batteries, built to the very highest standards to power countless cars right across Australia. Neuton Power offers a full range of batteries including:





    Deep Cycle


    Stop start batteries

    Motor bike

    Solar battery set up

    Mower / quad batteries

    As with all of our products, we work hard to offer our range of car batteries and expert services to customers at highly competitive prices.

    If the worst should happen and your car battery runs flat, leaving you stranded, Gatton Tyre Service offers a mobile service where our operatives will come to you and get your car running again. Many motorists attempt to start their cars using jump leads, but this is a very hazardous procedure and we recommend that you leave any issues with car batteries to the experts! Call us today to find out how we can get your car running again.